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    Tapered front strut spacers to correct strut angle

    Heavy-duty fabricated steel components utilizing 3/16" and 1/4" sheet steel

    Kits include carrier-bearing drop bracket kit for 2-piece driveline-equipped trucks

    Full-coverage differential skid plate constructed from 3/16" steel

    Includes HD alignment cam bolts for a proper front-end alignment adjustment

    High-performance ride and handling courtesy of Falcon 1.1 rear shocks

    Tire size 295/65R20 (35x11.50) with a 20x9 with a 0-offset wheel

    Max tire with trimming 37x12.50 with a 20x9 with a 0-offset wheel

    *Does not fit 2WD or Raptor trucks.

    Note:  Single Cab configuration has not been validated for fitment & drivability by ReadyLIFT.  

    • ReadyLIFT is now shipping our all-new 6" Lift Kit for the 2015-2020 Ford F-150 equipped with 4WD. Our new kit delivers a first-class ride, smooth handling, plenty of tire clearance, and a great-looking, neutral stance. This newly designed lift kit incorporates the latest engineering strategies and finest materials allowing for a straightforward installation that results in an amazing driving experience. The all-new Ford F-150 4WD 6‚¬ Big Lift Kit is available for customers seeking the ultimate in comfort and ride control, ReadyLIFT offers our industry-exclusive Falcon 1.1 Monotube performance rear shock ‚¬ SKU 44-25620. These high-performance 6‚¬ big lift kits are equipped with front and rear crossmembers made with heavy-duty 1/4" steel plate that delivers unmatched strength for all driving conditions. Each kit features a set of durable cast iron lifted knuckles and steel strut spacers providing enough ride height to run up to a 295/65R20 tires without trimming when installed on the right wheel! This system includes everything necessary to correct suspension, steering, and driveline geometry to maintain on-road handling while improving strength and offroad capability. A pair of cast steel 4" tall rear blocks offers the ideal amount of rear lift while the factory-style U-bolts aid in ease of installation.
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    Suspension lift kit

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